Since the holidays can be an exhausting and stressful time,  members of the Spelman community are participating in a 12 Days of Wellness incentive program to encourage a stress-free, happy and healthy season. You don’t have to be a student  to join us on our latest fitness kick tied to Spelman’s Wellness Revolution. Pick any 12 days during the holiday season and get started. Complete the wellness activity required for each day, as well as all of the previous days’ activities. Record your activities on a tracking log, and create healthy rewards for yourself along the way. Your ultimate goal is to start 2013 on a healthy a path. But if you designate a big incentive for yourself – a new outfit, a special trip, a girls’ night out – we won’t tell!

Day 1: Drink at least four eight-ounce glasses of water.

Day 2:  Floss your teeth at least once a day.

Day 3:  Eat one serving of fruit throughout the day.

Day 4: Stop for five minutes during the day to do some stretching or breathing exercises.

Day 5: Give someone a compliment.

Day 6:  Eat one serving of vegetables at lunch and dinner.

Day 7: Step outside and take a 15-minute walk to enjoy the fresh air at least one time during the day.

Day 8: Cut your usual caffeine or sugar intake in half.

Day 9: Exercise or walk at least 30 minutes.

Day 10: Say “No thank you” to unhealthy treats.

Day 11: Get at least seven hours of sleep.

Day 12: Write down three things you are thankful for or have accomplished.