April R. Evans’ Creating Change in Sustainability

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Organizing composting, launching recycling initiatives, and helping Spelman College reduce its carbon footprint are just a few of the responsibilities that April R. Evans, C’2011, is excited about in her new position as sustainability intern for Spelman dining.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity that Spelman has given me to grow environmentally conscious and to share this awareness with our greater Spelman community, which is a global community,” said Evans, who will serve as the intern for the 2011-2012 year.  “This opportunity is wonderful for me as I am able to watch initiatives I helped introduced come to fruition, and gain practical experience before entering graduate studies.”

Evans became involved in campus sustainability during her senior year as a result of a first place win for Campus Impact in the German Embassy’s Transatlantic Climate Bridge Climate and Energy Week competition to improve sustainability on campuses worldwide. Evans joined forces with Kandyce Perry, C’2013, to propose the feasibility of composting at Spelman. The pair became student sustainability interns on behalf of President Tatum’s receipt of the UNCF Building Green Initiative grant to increase sustainability on campuses serving minority populations, in support of the American & College University Presidents Climate Commitment. The interns received sponsorship to present various methods for displaying sustainability efforts at the UNCF Building Green Initiative Conference in June 2011.

Evans’ passion for sustainability efforts increased after she participated in an environmentally focused field study abroad program in Tanzania during the 2009-2010 academic year via the Horatio Alger Association, Gates Millennium Scholarship, and Gilman International Scholarship. Since then, she’s combined her environmental and global ambitions to perform service projects to uphold Access to Clean Water for Agyementi in rural Ghana in co-ordinance with Spelman’s Quality Enhancement Plan.

“Watching a family in rural Ghana take from a disease-borne stream and knowing that your work is enabling them to access clean water is enough to fuel one’s passion for water conservation and proper allocation,” said Evans, a biology graduate.

Now, as an alumna, Evans says she’s fortunate to see her alma mater from a different perspective. “Being in the position to serve the Spelman community formally is a blessing.” Look for many of Evans’ initiatives to be implemented during the course of this academic school year including Spelman Green to Go, reusable containers that will serve carry out plates, be cleaned by Spelman dining and ultimately reduce exports to landfills. She will also launch a mountain bike raffle for supporters of Spelman dining sustainability team efforts and promote the global campaign for “Make A Difference Mondays,” as well as a “Green Cafe” one Friday per month, showcasing local, organic and sustainable food practices to ensure that sustainability is The Spelman Way. – Lorraine Robertson is an Atlanta-based author, freelance writer, and regular contributor to Inside Spelman.

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  1. kiluba says

    this is a great article

    congratulations April! this doesnt suprise me, the short time i’ve stayed with u in Tanzania, showed me how impressive you are and how much u love life.
    keep it u sis.

    and u know u r welcome to Mozambique :p

  2. Courtney King says

    This is wonderful! I am so glad Spelman is progressing and evolving into a greener campus. Lets all do our part to reduce our carbon imprint and reduce reuse and recycle! I love it!

    Spelman ’10

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