Jinean Robinson, C’2000, Rocks Your World With Social Change

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JineanRobinsonHeadShot_In 2010, Jinean Robinson, C’2000, used social media to rock the world and produce social change when she co-founded TwitChange, a celebrity Twitter auction that raised funds to assist individuals devastated by the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. Robinson and her team raised more than $1 million, won a Mashable Award for Most Creative Social Good Campaign, and set the standard in social media fundraising in a 10-month period.

“TwitChange was the first-ever celebrity Twitter auction, and it actually raised the most money ever at that time on Twitter,” shared Robinson. “It started off as just wanting to fund one effort, but we were able to use it for other charities as well.”

Robinson graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art; however, with TwitChange and her newest project, Remedy Georgia, she has been able to combine her natural love of art, technology and social change. “I call myself autodidactic, meaning I’m constantly  learning. I actually learn better when I’m doing something, so I’m just on a constant mission of learning,” she explained.

TwitchangeRobinson encourages those with various interests to continue to learn and grow through internships and informational interviews. “I would always opt for the option where you are somewhere on a regular basis, even if it’s for a few hours a week. If that’s not the case, start off with informational interviews,” she recommended “Contact people in the industry who are leaders and sit down with them. Ask questions about their industry and their journey.”

Presently, Robinson is working on Remedy Georgia, a mobile smoothie, juice and bread company that seeks to bring about social change. Remedy Georgia serves the finest organic, natural and local ingredients in its products and then uses company profits to provide training for at-risk girls and women. “Basically, it’s the Atlanta community coming together helping to support and rebuild the lives of girls and women,” said Robinson.

As she has in her previous projects, Robinson plans to use technology to grow and develop Remedy Georgia. “Technology is a great way to connect with people,” she said.  “From TwitChange to my cause branding clients to Remedy Georgia,technology is the conduit to be able to connect people who are likeminded. I’ve seen being able to do that time and time again  you can change the world.”.  – Kia Smith, C’2004, is social media coordinator for the Office of Communications.

Check out other ways Robinson is rocking the social world.

Twitter: @RockItWithJBird

Agency: http://ItsYourWorldRockIt.com

Work: http://jineanrobinson.com

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