Title III Programs Help Spelman Thrive


Members of the Spelman community collectively rejoice when students travel to Scotland or India to conduct valuable scientific research; and they consider it an added bonus when they can connect instantly to the Wi-Fi network in every academic building on campus; or when faculty and students  actively engage in a variety of curricular activities in … [Read more...]

Must-Haves: A Toolkit for a Successful College Life


With laptop, books, the latest in music and clothes, and HGTV-styled dorm-room attire, you would think a student is ready to change the world. Having such essentials are not all a student needs to have a successful college life. Below are some additional musts-knows and must-haves for a thriving Spelman experience. Career Planning and Placement … [Read more...]

Recognizing the Need for Academic Assistance


To many students, an academic community appears to be a complex maze. A higher education learning environment is an intricately woven arrangement of units and parts disguised as divisions and departments assembled to recruit and “seed” the minds of burgeoning scholars.  At any point in a student’s collegiate journey, a slump can occur.  Common … [Read more...]

News Briefs


Spelman Gets Red Cross Honor Spelman’s unwavering support for the American Red Cross was recognized on Feb. 18 when the College received an Outstanding Achievement Award at the organization’s 9th Annual Minority Recruitment Luncheon. Spelman was recognized because of the record amount of blood donated — 114 pints — during the annual blood drive in … [Read more...]