Predators are everywhere, so don’t allow yourself to become prey. Be smart about your surroundings, and follow the tips provided by the Spelman College Office of Public Safety.

  • · Travel in pairs or groups whenever possible.
    · Make a special effort to increase your alertness to your surroundings at all times. When walking make eye contact with individuals as they approach and remain aware of their actions as they pass you.
    · Have your keys ready when entering your home or vehicle, and lock the doors immediately upon entry.
    · Cell phones can be major distractions when walking and are often the target in pedestrian robberies. Only make phone calls from safe locations and never when walking in parking decks or on city streets.
    · Don’t use headphones or keep the volume low.
    · Never leave anything in open view in your vehicle including clothing, small change, bags, or boxes.
    · Never use ATM machines in secluded locations or after the first signs of dusk.
    · Share your travel plans including anticipated departure and arrival times and routes of travel with friends and family.
    · Do not carry large sums of cash!
    · Do not share PIN numbers with anyone!
    · If you cash a check or make a large withdrawal, separate the cash from your wallet or purse and secure it in a safe location as soon as possible.
    · When shopping separate the credit card you anticipate using from cash and other credit cards. This will reduce the possibility of being targeted as a potential victim.
    · Service your vehicle before traveling, and always keep your gas tank at least half-full at all times.
    · If your vehicle breaks down when traveling remain in the locked car and call for assistance.

Better safe than sorry should be your motto. Listen to and follow your instincts, if a situation feels unsafe or uncomfortable take whatever steps you deem necessary to enhance your safety and remember to be extra cautious during the late night hours.

If you have witnessed or have any information regarding any criminal acts please call the police (911), and contact the Public Safety Office at 404-525-6401.